DRAIN EKKENOSIS (2013)  writer D. Dimitriadesrole: Aegisthus, directed by Yannis Kokkos at Stegi Grammaton kai Texnon

kokkos_analogia_ekkenosi               dimitriadis-ekkenosi


TREE  (2013) writer: M. Laina – role: B, directed by Ch. Capsouli at National Theatre of Greece

tree- page     733793_10151622011726337_533902116_n     404658_10151622011696337_1245566840_n

934616_10151622011731337_1494813783_n     971263_10200883571959160_247982946_n     431837_10200883554398721_96999199_n

YOU ARE PURPOSE AND  SHEEPDOGS DANCING AROUND YOU (2012) writer: G. Ioannourole: Big Arktos, directed by Bijoux De Kant

67664_3956819407910_1084563570_n          261524_3956817007850_1745031481_n     SKOPOS 1


68413_3956818447886_509405525_n     198039_3956817807870_1693393786_n     315762_3956818127878_338338792_n     400028_3956817647866_843269463_n


IMG_8147     IMG_8139     1000999_672110939482884_1825348183_n


TRAINSPOTTING (2011) writer: I.Wells  – role: Begby & Swany, directed by Ph. Soutou



trainspotting 1


HUNGRY ANYONE ? (2011) writer:  A. Pappa  – role: Narrator, directed by A. Pappa at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Director Michael Cacoyannis)

156783_481016856483_5119861_n     156783_481016866483_1972011_n     156783_481016861483_274842_n

39427_481010961483_6065234_n     156783_481016846483_6850092_n     156783_481016851483_8000772_n

TALES OF MYSTERY  (2011)  writer: E. A. Poe  – role: Narrator, directed by S. Tzortzoglou


INSIDE THE MIND OF A MAN  (2011) – role: Narrator, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

inside the man of a man


WISHES (2010), writer: A. Spartalisrole:Man, directed by A. Spartalis








 wwww     www     ww


MRS WARREN ‘S PROFESSION (2009) writer: G.B. Shaw  – role: Frank, directed by Andreas Voutsinas




THE BACCHAE  (2008) writer: Euripides – role: Dionysus, directed by T. Ratzos at National Theatre of Northern Greece

TheBacchae1Bacchae2  Bacchae3

GAME OF CHESS (2007) writer: A. Doriadis  – role: Architect,

directed by E. Dimitropoulou at National Theatre of Northern Greece



SALOME  (2007)  writer: O. Wilde – role: Oscar Wilde, directed by G. Apostolopoulos














THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (2006) writer: N. Gogol – role: Inspector, directed by V. Vassiliou at National Theatre of Northern Greece

The Inspector


MISS PEPSI (2006) writer: P. Bruno – role: John, directed by B. Malfa

miss pepsi 1     miss pepsi     pepsi a     pepsi ab



ORPHEUS DESCENDING (2005) writer: T. Williams – role: Val, directed by K. Damatis


CHRIST RECRUCIFIED (2005)  writer: N. Kazantzakis   – role: Manolios, directed by K. Damatis

9126_1227786608755_1378470_n     9126_1227786888762_7592033_n

9126_1227786688757_7108418_n     9126_1227786728758_2025185_n     9126_1227786848761_210925_n



MILK TRAIN DOESN’T STOP HERE ANYMORE (2004) writer: T. Williams – role: Chris, directed by V. Zoulias

milk train doesnt stop here anymore 1     milk train doesnt stop here anymore     milktrain doesnt stop here



ROAST BEEF (2004) writer: L. Vitali – role: Agamemnon, directed by A. Kritikos at Riverside Studios, London – co starring Sarah Douglas

roastbeef     roastbeef 1     roast beef 3

roast beef -riverside studios

ACCOMPLICES (2003) writer: R. Holmes – role: James, directed by V. Kiriakidis

206926_1003721487267_7601_n     207690_1003721287262_6079_n     207754_1003721327263_6370_n    216617_1003721367264_6666_n



THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT (2001) writer: B. Manhoff – role: Owl, directed by G. Valtinos

9126_1227977773534_819290_n     9126_1227977813535_2914631_n     9126_1227977853536_312157_n     9126_1227977893537_4850826_n     9126_1227977733533_3529320_n


THE IDIOT (2000) writer: F. Dostoyevsky – role: Mishkin, directed by Roula Pateraki











PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (2000) writer: O. Wilde – role: Dorian Graydirected by V. Anastasiou

1 2






POPCORN (1997) writer: B. Elton – role: Gangster, directed by E. Logothetis

9126_1228219619580_101615_n     9126_1228219699582_2301951_n 1



THE DANGEROUS LIAISONS (1996) writer: Ch. de Laclos – role: Valmon, directed by K. Kazakosdangerous liaissons 1     dangerous liaissons a     dangerous liaissons b      dangerous liaissons 4



LILIOM – CAROUSEL (1996) writer: F. Molnar – role: Liliom, directed by A. Manolikakis

liliom     liliom a     liliom 2

MOUSETRAP (1995) writer: A. Christie – role:  Trotter, directed by M. Manoussakis

Mousetrap     mouse trap 2 Mousetrap2  mouse trap     mousetrap 3







BUS STOP  (1995) writer: W. Inge – role: Bo Decker, directed by G. Iordanides

PORTRE-0035          PORTRAIT1


DEATH OF A SALESMAN  (1993) writer: A. Miller – role: Biff, directed by Jules Dassin

9126_1228220059591_3635891_n     9126_1228220019590_6745458_n-1


OUR TOWN (1991) writer: Th. Wilder

role: George, directed by Minos Volanakis

27               love in e flat 32 13

LOVE IN E-FLAT (1990) writer: N. Krasna – role: George, directed by G. Arzoglou

love in e flat





STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1988) writer: T. Williams  – role: Kowalski, directed by N. Diougoud

streetcar named desire     streetcar named desire a     streetcar named desire 2

THE SOUND OF A GUN (1987) writer: L. Anagnostaki – role: Mihalis, directed by Karolos Koun at The Greek Art Theater – Karolos Koun   (more)           


sound of a gun     1     sound of a gun 2


sound gun of a gun 3



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