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Landscape in the Mist
Year:  1988
Duration:  124 ‘
Genre:  Adventure
Production Company:  Greek Film Center, ERT
Directed by  Theo Angelopoulos
Screenplay:  Theo Angelopoulos, Thanasis Valtinos
Music composition:  Eleni Karaindrou
Producer:  Theo Angelopoulos
Photo:  Giorgos Arvanitis
Cast:  Stratos Tzortzoglou, T. Palaiologos, M. Zeke,  D. Kamperidis, V. Kolovos G. Skiadaresis, Nadia Mourouzi, E. Kotamanidou, A. Georgouli
Comments / Plot:  Voula and Alexander are two children, siblings, whose father works immigrant in Germany.This is the answer that gives them their mother when she looking. One day I picked up on a train that they think will take them to Germany. Their journey does not seem to take place. Destination removed as children are involved in a constant confrontation with the reality that is delayed in several stopovers along the country. After a hard journey through life and adulthood, will arrive at that boundary, beyond which they believe will finally find a father, representing for them a hope. If after desolate and decadent country who visited there the “Germany” beyond this boundary, then there is hope children to find their own way to get out of our chaotic world.

1989 Berlin International Film Festival, Interfilm Award
1989 European Film Awards, European Film Award
1988 Venice Film Festival, C.I.C.A.E. Award, OCIC Award, Pasinetti Award, Prize of the Students of the University ‘La Sapienza’, Sergio Trasatti Award, Silver Lion
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The Striker  with 9
Year:  1988
Duration:  121 min
Genre:  Drama
Production Company:  Greek Film Center, ERT
Directed by  Pantelis Voulgaris
Scenario:  Vangelis Raptopoulos
Music composition:  Stamatis Spanoudakis
Author:  Menis Koumandareas
Producer:  Pantelis Voulgaris
Photo:  Alexis Grivas
Actors:  Stratos Tzortzoglou, Th. Bazaka, Th.Mylonas, N. Bousdoukos, N. Tsachiridis, Co. Kleftogiannis, H. Tsaligopoulou
Comments / Plot:  H story about a man from 20 to 23 years of booming inside and outside the stadiums. He leaves a life chased from one city to another, leaving behind teams and coaches. Spiros Seretis later Bill, lives in Thessaloniki. Day struggles on golf and evening frequents bars. The team, coached by Spiro, Bill starts to show its skills and its class within the land and gaining sympathy. The team wins a match with the decisive participation of Bill and preparing to celebrate the event …
Trivia:  The film was the 1988-1989 season and cut 50,000 tickets nationwide. Came in  first  place among 12 tainies. The film was screened in 1990 to form mini series of six episodes ET1, entitled “shirt with” 9 “(1990).”
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The Master of the shadows (The Fugitive)
Year:  1991
Duration:  105 min
Genre:  Social
Production Company:  Greek Film Center, ERT
Directed by  Lefteris Xanthopoulos
Scenario:  Lefteris Kaponis, Lefteris Xanthopoulos
Music composition:  Nick Kypourgos
Producer:  Lefteris Xanthopoulos
Photo:  Andreas Sinanos
Actors:  Kostas Kazakos , Stratos Tzortzoglou, D. Masclavanou, V. Bonatsos, Ath. Prusalis , G. Ninios
Comments / Plot:  Athens, the early 50s. Mastro Anthony Barkas, a great puppeteer, he sees with sadness the art of waning. The public Karagiozis fleeing the spectacle, which amused for half a century, for the sake of cinema, that spreads rapidly in the cities and countryside. In his attempt to stop in time, comes into conflict with his environment.Especially with his younger sister, Angela, who lives in the shadows and is engaged ten years now with a proikothira navy, Simos. But the likeable singer of the troupe, who stand by until the end, and his assistants, Theophanes and angels. Both the age and the romantic character, do not allow him to leave his beloved art so he dies with her.
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Up Down and Sideways
Year:  1992
Duration:  90 ‘
Genre:  Comedy
Production Company:  Play Movie Production
Directed by:  Michael Cacoyannis
Screenplay:  Michael Cacoyannis
Music composition:  Stephen Korkolis, Mikis Theodorakis
Photo:  Andreas Sinanos
Actors:  Stratos Tzortzoglou, Irene Papas, G. Bezos, P. Michalopoulos, C. Efthimiou, E. Panopoulou, N. Gerasimidou, T. Zacharatos, J. Zouganelis,  S. Mainas
Comments / Plot:  A widow comes closer to her son, through a series of events and incidents involving the most unlikely characters. The mother will fall in love after many years of loneliness, a young man known her son. Her son annoyed by this relationship will come to accept his homosexuality.
Trivia:  The film was the 1992-1993 season and cut panelladika.Irthe 90,000 tickets in  the first  place in 11 movies.
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Ulysses’ Gaze
Year:  1995
Premiere:  May 24, 1995
Duration:  176 ‘
Genre:  Social
Production Company:  Mega Channel, Greek Film Centre, RAI
Directed by  Theo Angelopoulos
Screenplay:  Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Giorgio Silvagni, Peter Markaris
Music composition:  Eleni Karaindrou
Poetry:  Homer
Producer:  Phoebe Economopoulos, Theo Angelopoulos, Herbert G. Kloiber, Amedeo Pagani, Giorgio Silvagni, Eric Heumann, Saimir Kumbaro, Piro Milkani, Dragan Ivanovic – Hevi, Ivan Milovanovic, Lucian Pricop
Photo:  Giorgos Arvanitis
Actors:  Harvey Keitel, Maia Morgenstern, Erland Josephson, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Th. Vengos , G, Michalakopoulos, E. Kotamanidou, V. Kazan, N. Mourouzi
Comments / Plot:  A film director rambled troubled Balkan peninsula and other Odysseus makes a trip back through his memory and frills of recent history. A search in old Greek urban landscapes that have collapsed, ruined and faded. Florina, Korca, Monastery, Plovdiv, Black Sea, Constanta, Bucharest, Danube, Belgrade, Mostar and Sarajevo tragic. A vast landscape wounds do not say shut down, a century almost. As an incentive for this wandering used a box of raw film filmmakers Balkan brothers Manakia, which has left anemfanisto and unrefined from the early 20th century, as the case backlog in the Balkans.
Trivia:  The film was the 1995-1996 season and cut 190,000 tickets nationwide. Came in  first  place in 15 movies.The movie was filmed in the following countries: Greece, France, Germany, Italy, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Romania.
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The Bachelor

Year:  1997
Duration:  120 ‘
Genre:  Drama
Production Company:  Greek Film Center, ERT Marianna Films
Directed by  Nikos Panagiotopoulos
Writer:  Nikos Panagiotopoulos Raptopoulos Vangelis Vangelis Seitanidis
Music composition:  John Aggelakas, George Christianakis George Karras
Author:  Vangelis Raptopoulos
Producer:  Marianna Spanoudakis, Nikos Kavoukidis Christos Mangos, Vangelis Mitilineos, George Skouras
Photo:  George Frentzos
Actors:  Stratos Tzortzoglou, Karyofyllia Karampeti, Akis Sakellariou, L. Matsagou, N. Dragoymi, St. Livathinos
Comments / Plot:  The life of the couple Dimitriadis two wealthy bank employees, rolls calm and serene, until the wife, Sophie, disappears without leaving any trace. Her husband Theo tries to find her, but it is as if swallowed up by the earth. One day, a strange guy named Juan, approaches him and informs him that his wife has become a prostitute, and that he is the patron. Proves that Sophie has now become Dolores, claiming even that belongs to the class of men who can make the “branch” any presentable woman. The most strange is that history repeats itself with Eve, the new girlfriend of Theo. When Eve was killed in a bizarre car accident because disobeyed Juan, Theo, in abject despair …
Trivia:  The film was the 1996-1997 season and cut 190,000 tickets nationwide. He came in 2nd position in 14 movies.
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Year:  2002
Duration:  80 ‘
Genre:  Romance
Production Company:  Arcadia Entertainment
Directed by:  George Kordellas
Scenario:  Stavros Abdul, Irene Ritsoni
Music Composition: Abaton
Photo:  Kostas Triantafyllou
Producer: Nick Vergetis
Actors:  Stratos Tzortzoglou, Rhea Toutounzi, Costas Ferris, Nick Botopoulos, Paul Orkopoulos Vassilis Paleologos, Spiros Drossos
Comments / Plot:  The dream of the young screenwriter Alki Panagiotopoulos is to become a painter.  During the holidays in Amorgos, Alkis meets Ariadne, a charming but enigmatic girl.
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