Vals me 12 Theous (2012 – 2014) TV series by V. Karfis



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MONTEVIDEO, BOG TE VIDEO!! (2013) TV Episode [role: Archie] by Dragan Bjelogrlic

Montevideo-Bog-te-video          video_2011_2_7_17_9_41_b

Se fonto kokkino (2008 – 2010) TV series by N. Kokkinos

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LE DERNIER SEIGNEUR DES BALKANS (2005) TV mini-series [role: Takis] … aka “The Last Bay of the Balkans” by Michel Favart

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STO DROMO TIS KARDIAS (2001) TV series by A. Thomopoulos                                                              IDIAITERA GIA KLAMATA (2000) TV series by G. Konstantinou

PORTRE-0009          Secretairy

STI SKIA TOU POLEMOU (1999) TV series by Ch. Paligiannopoulos

1     READY TO FIGHT     Skia     2

TO SIMADI TOU EROTA (1998) TV series by D. Sofianopoulos

Sign1     PORTRE-0002     Sign4

EKPTOTOS ANGELOS (1997) TV series by Reina Eskenazy

2     1

PALIRROIA (1996) TV series by M. Manoussakis

Palirroia1     Palirroia2





OI FROUROI TIS AHAIAS (1992) TV series by G. Diamantopoulos

Frouroi1     images


O DRAPETIS (Master of the Shadows) (1991) mini TV serial by L. Xanthopoulos                365 meres gennisi (1990) TV movie by N. Soulis with CATHERINE DENEUVE

     Master of the shadows     s song           365-DAYS-3

I FANELA ME TO 9 (the striker with # 9) (1989) mini TV serial by P. Voulgaris

TheStrikerwithNumber9 9,2 9




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