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Based on Elaine May’s film “Mikey and Nicky” Writer: Elaine May Nick is desperate, holed up in a basement, suffering from an ulcer and convinced that a local mobster wants him killed. He calls Mikey, his friend since childhood, but when Mikey arrives, Nick won’t go with him: his moods swing. He first wants to go to his wife and kid to say goodbye, then a party at his girlfriend’s apartment, then a movie theater, then the cemetery where his mom is buried. So begins a long night as Mike tries to take care of Nick, calm him down and get him out of town. Tempers fray and the friendship is tested. Meanwhile, a hit man who’s getting information from someone is looking for Nick. Director: Christina Kallas   Cast: Stratos Tzortzoglou as Nicky Kevin Kane as Mikey Editing: Dimitris Zogas Producer: Rebecca Brillhart Production: Stratosphere Art...


INGMAR BERGMAN compared Stratos to a stradivarius violin adding that the great actors are great instruments

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NEW YORK TIMES, St. Holden: “Orestes whom Stratos Tzortzoglou imbues with a winning sweetness” works for an itinerant theater company that has been traveling around Greece. “Landscape in the Mist” has already won many honors, and was the Greek entry for best foreign film in the Academy Awards last year. A 126-minute work of exceptional beauty.

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F-Stratos Jewelery

Jewelery dedicated to women’s beauty F-Stratos is a Jewellery Collection inspired by the Greek Actor Stratos Tzortzoglou and brought to life by the Prismart creative team. The Collection is based on the Orphic texts, a collection of short religious poems composed in the late Hellenistic era. They are based on the beliefs of Orphism, which claimed descent from the teachings of the mythical hero Orpheus. The Collection consists of 13 thematic based designs. The Designs: Moon Venus. The Mourning Star Victory Dionysus Persephone’s Tear Graces (Kharites) The Arrows of Artemis Athena’s Shield Engagement of Hera and Zeus Dimitra’s Loved Ones See the...

Master Acting Class with Stratos Tzortzoglou

Master Acting Class with Stratos Tzortzoglou

A 20-week acting intensive that will introduce you to the art and craft of acting for the stage and screen

SHOUT “Report to my son”

THE SHOUT a musical (oratorio) performance based on Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Saviors of God / Askitiki – Report to Greco

Miss Misery

Miss Misery an “open structure” play, in 9 scenes (October 2014) at The Greek Art Theater – Karol’s Koun, Athens, Greece

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