Acting Classes by Stratos Tzortzoglou & Cornelius Horgan

Classes meet at


358 W,44th St. New York, NY 10036


Sundays: March 4,11,18, 25    April 1st.

Hours: 5 p.m – 8 p.m (3 hours).



337 East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021.

Mondays: April 9,16,23,30   May 7,14,21,28   June 4,11

Hours : 6 p.m-10 p.m (4 hours).


Call for more information:

TEL: Cornelius (+1) 917- 470.72.60 

Stratos (+1) 917- 579. 37. 07

An opportunity to explore “acting” from two actors / teachers with many years of both training and hands on experience.





CORNELIUS HORGAN   Curriculum vitae


Expertise in extracting talent: Privately and in group setting, guiding artists to take on and overcome one’s own mental and physical boundaries, conscious and unconscious.


ARCHDIOCESE OF NEWARK, NJ.  Speaker:  Late eighties to early nineties.

Life coaching underprivileged teens & young adults:

On panels with senior educators & personalities from the world of sports and entertainment. Cornelius, lectured to young people on his course, “Growing up and the human condition”.  Being young in a grown world, having to overcome and adjust to your surroundings, handling family traumas at home and of course in our world family. To be honest with yourself and not to succumb to peer pressure. A difficult bridge to cross for young people (especially).

THE IRISH ART CENTER Off Broadway Theatre: MID to late nineties’ Teacher FOR FILM AND STAGE:

Exposing students/fellow actors to classically written material by Bernard Shaw, Brian Friel, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Odets, Pinter, Williams, Coward, Chekov and O`Neil etc.Scene Study classes, giving students the tools and understanding of the process involved working & performing in New York.


TEACHING acting to grads, undergraduate & summer courses in Scene work, improvisation, script analysis.

What is a motion picture? A motion picture is “what u see & what u hear!  Usually projected on a screen:

The COURSE “Make your movie” INSTRUCTOR:

A collaboration with aspiring directors, producers, cinematographers, writers and editors, collaborating with actors from the school in how they can better understand the actor’s process. Using improvisation to discover the many layers and possibilities of a scene and how best to shoot it.  Students in their chosen field collaborate to produce a short film, their work is discussed and re worked with notes.  I redirect the scene working with the actors, director, Director of Photography etc. etc.… using techniques from The Method, Meisner, Stella Adler, Stanislavski, “Good storytellers reflect the truth, both internally and externally through the actor with natural human behavior”.


Teaching the craft of Acting, while co/directing them toward a full production for audiences.

Work with Adults, of other chosen professions, in group classes. By introducing them to basic acting techniques, which hopefully enhances their own professional life, and their life in general. Studding the arts help our skill for better communication, allows for more “empathy” across the pantheon of life.

Life time member of the Actors Studio NYC:

ACTOR in these Studio Productions:

Actor Studio production of Anna Christie in NYC&LA, by Eugene O Neil

The Beauty Queen of Leennane by Martin MacDonagh 2011

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, by Stephen Ardy Gurgis: 2015

The Cherry orchard by Anton Chekov: 2013

The Community Project by Jessica Dickey at the Actors Studio NYC 2016

International workshops:Teaching “The Method” as well as other techniques in the US, Mexico, Eastern& Western Europe, South America.

2018 workshops in South America, Mexico and Europe.

Cornelius goes on Location, collaborating with directors and their cast of the film or play that’s being produced.


                             “Acting is alive! It’s Active! Action!

In life, for the most part, we humans live without thinking “I’m living in this moment” we just naturally go from one thought to another, one action or another, “We’re simply living in the present moment under the given circumstances of where we find ourselves on this particular day in our life.”


“We are the writer & director of our life, at least many of us  like to somewhat believe this” Good or bad with success, failure and lifetimes of loves, laments, crushed dreams, some realized, many not, still with fiery ambition or fear mixed with all our flaws and greatness we forge ahead moment to moment.

Now when sometimes we ourselves or someone or something tries to stop our process, it is CONFLICT and DRAMA!

This is a life

A writer or director laborers over/under many drafts of a scrip,  when ready, he or she hires other professionals in a collaboration that will take the written script (blue print) turning it into a full blown production for the stage or the silver screen.

An actor’s job

Giving life to the character, give meaning to the words, digest, interpret, and portray using a blueprint usually called the script, be ready to take a journey thinking the thoughts of the character.

Mostly all scripts give us a specific place geographically, “where the story takes place” Timelines, with the given circumstances of the characters in his or her life, relationships to other characters in the story being produced, props, EVERYTHING including the weather is important! Now using one’s character’s needs, which more often than not may correlate to the actor’s real life needs too.  This is why understanding one’s own character (being aware of you) “not easy” is important!

An Actor must bring everyday natural human behavior breathing LIFE with IMAGINATION into the characters he or she is becoming. An actor’s own personal life experience is very important!  In how aware they of the world around them. Actors should be free enough to use and allow their own intelligence, confusion, generosity, love, & violence that’s innately in them to support the character.

To do this the actor/actress must live in the “AS IF” they themselves were in these given circumstances created first by the writer or director, this can require technique and concentration.

In good work, a character brought to life happens when the actor, he or she is living truthfully with natural human behavior in the given circumstances of the story while on the stage or in front of the camera.

This kind of truthful living under imaginary circumstances for the actor playing the part, comes from a profound relaxation, in which the actors INSTRUMENT, i.e. BODY, MIND and IMAGINATION and Working sensorially with you sense of smell, touch, taste, seeing and hearing (sets the actor free to PLAY and live the role.

On camera work for TV AND FILM:  As well as on stage, helping the actor be comfortable in front of the camera and learning to play to the camera while relaxed with the dialogue and in control of yourself and your instrument, so you / your character can be free to explore the depths of the human condition.

It seems natural, when you the actor/ human being grows from life’s experiences, then the artist grow also!-and vice versa! Specificity in your character choices become universal .

Only when and if you are relaxed enough to live moment to moment under the given circumstances and by making STRONG choices, then your character can express fully through you, what you know and sometimes don’t know but the character can teach you about the human condition.

You will be introduced for the first time or re-introduced for the tenth time to the world of Theater, TV and Film, helping/guiding you to grow from audition to audition and follow your dream to work in one of the best industries in the world.



Known for his breakthrough starring role as “Orestes” in both films Landscape in the Mist and  Ulysses’s Gaze with HARVEY KEITEL, both directed by THEO ANGELOPOULOS (Palm d ‘ Or Award in Cannes film festival-described by MARTIN SCORSESE as that of “a masterful filmmaker”) who talked of Stratos as “someone who can absorb everything, turning this to an advantage.He is the ideal actor for this difficult game between beauty and recognition”.

Also St. Holden wrote in his New York timesreview :”Orestes, whom Stratos Tzortzoglou imbues with a winning sweetness, works for an itinerant theater company that has been traveling around Greece. Landscape in the Mist  has already won many honors, and was the Greek entry for best foreign film in the Academy Awards. A 126-minute work of exceptional beauty”.

Stratos starred opposite LENA ENDRE (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Faithless) in Den ena kärleken och den andra by EVA BERGMAN in which film the nine-time Academy Award nominee INGMAR BERGMAN (Fanny and Alexander) compared Stratos to “a Stradivarius violin,” adding that “the great actors are great instruments”.

After that, he had a starring role in the film Up Down and Sideways opposite to IRENE PAPPAS (Electra, Z,Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) under the direction of the five- times Academy Award nominee MICHAEL CACOYANNIS(Zorba the Greek-Trojan Women-Iphigenia) who described ‘Stratos as “that rare phenomenon, a natural who combines striking good looks with that special brand of talent which blends a fiery temperament with easy personal charm”.

Stratos received excellent review from Variety, Emanuel Levy: “Up Down and Sideways” (film) “The handsome Tzortzoglou lends reliable support as the sensitive son…credibly vivid and sympathetic”.

Stratos reached a summit of his profession with his performance as (Stavros) in the above film which garnered him an Award as Best Actor at the Greek National Awards.

In addition to his work in film, Stratos has had an extensive career of thirty-one years on stage working with directors such as: Karolos Koun in his last teaching-direction on Loula Anagnostaki’s The Sound of the Gun in 1987 (Stratos’s first appearance on stage).

As (Biff Loman) in Arthur Miller’s Death of a salesman directed by JULES DASSIN (Academy Award-nominated, Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival for Rififi) who said: Stratos’ Biff Loman was the most passionate Biff I’ve ever seen”.


As (Frank) in Mrs Warren Profession  directed by ANDREAS VOUTSINAS

(who run acting workshop Theatre Des Cinquante in Paris, France, along the lines of Lee Strasberg‘s Actor’s Studio where he was enrolled in the 1960s).

As (George) in Our Town directed by MINOS VOLANAKIS who directed Euripides’ Medea and EuripidesIphigeneia at Aulis at the Circle in the Square Theatre in New York , Euripides’ The Bacchae at the Lyceum Theater in New York and the US première of Genet’s The Screens.

As (Aegisthus) in Drain-Ekkenosis directed by YIANNIS KOKKOS (collaborator as a set designer with the director Antoine Vitez and Jacques Lassalle).

He co-starred as (Agamemnon) with SARAH DOUGLAS (Conan the Destroyer – Falcon Crest – Superman ) in Leah Vitali’s Roast Beef at Riverside Studios, London ,who received the below reviews:

London Times: “with impecable timing Stratos Tzortzoglou Greece’s version of Brad Pitt, the actor Stratos Tzortzoglou makes his London deput as Agamemnon in “Roast Beef” at the Riverside Studios”.

Stage British Theatre Guide, John Thaxter: 80-minute show has its compensations,”demanding courage, strength and extraordinary agility for the fight scenes, handsome Greek  film actor Stratos Tzortzoglou as Agamemnon”.

His theatrical experience includes classical ancient tragedies such as:

Euripides’ The Bacchae (Dionysus), EuripidesPhoenician Women (Polynices), AeschylusPrometheus Bound (Prometheus).

Stratos also played (Dionysus)in the film The Bacchae (Dionysus), directed by BRUNO COPPOLA.

In a TV movie”365 days of birth” worked with the Academy Award for Best Actress for Indochine, CATHERINE DENEUVE.

The chairman of Paramount Pictures JIM GIANOPULOS said about him that“Stratos is destined for great things, he has a unique way of capturing the audiences with his charm, his authenticity and has truly mastered his art form.He is bound to succeed in the American entertainment industry”, while the Oscar winning actress for Moonstruck  OLYMPIA DUKAKIS said that  “Stratos has a lot to offer to the American film industry in his unique sense of acting, combing talent, intuition, passion and determination”.

Stratos did his masterclasses in L.A with Ivanna Chubbuck and with Aaron Speiser who said about Stratos “In all my experience, I have never met an actor as dedicated and talented as Stratos”.

Stratos believes that:“Education and training have always been an important part of my life. The teachers, mentors, and those who gave me opportunities along the way have made me feel blessed because they taught me the value of striving to be your best. I’m delighted to be part of this new wave of education. As my mentor Karolos Koun once said,

”We must believe in miracles, in order for miracles to happen.”

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