You are purpose and sheepdogs dancing around you


(2012 – 2014)

a performance of bijoux de kant, based on the play by George Ioannou.

George Ioannou. The author, poet, translator. The fragile love and Armored words. From Thessaloniki in ’43 as Omonia 80s, a wanderer trapped. The texts, an imprint of his life and he one of the foremost exponents of Greek modernity of urban life. His heroes, autobiographical ghosts that haunt all work and document the Greece of guilt. The Greece lost. That is devastating. Declare bankruptcy. To Greece seeking its identity into ground. The mud. In a lonely negotiable and final.

” The stabbed await justice. The listemenoi and butchered expect justice, but this is slow to appear. The listemenoi, butchered and diasyrmenoi waiting for the storm of tears that would wash away the blood, but instead this spring titter from everywhere. ‘s listemenoi, butchered, and betrayed diasyrmenoi wait at least us not forget them and not laugh with the common enemy, but we grovel in the same beds with our persecutors, agreeing with them in practice. The stabbed helplessly waiting for justice . “

Text composition – Direction – Set Design: John Scourletis

Music: Kostas Dalakouras

Cooperation in Dramaturgy: George Lagouros – Peace Sourgiadaki

Photos: Panos Michael

Assistant Director: Nicole Giamvria

Actors: Stratos Tzortzoglou, Lena Drosaki, July Tziatas

Duration: 90

Production: bijoux de kant

The bijoux de kant is an idea, an aesthetic, an expression. It is the combination of many ideas, many felt, many expressions. Is the lack of doctrine which concludes her love for both the form as for the concept. Inspired by the baroque and minimalism, expressionism and constructivism, romance and conceptual art. Observe the motion attitude and stop motion. Measure distances with fingers and with her fingers fumbles in drawers personal memory, collective, historical treasures and touches on a glass table.  loves to study systems and mechanisms and passionate about the broken tooth in gear that will make the machine break down and become something else. Generally prefers another. Wants to be a pop just because Marie Antoinette was never enough. The bijoux de kant is an artistic record that was formed to support and promote creative expression and critical attitude, different poetic and idioms. Its presence is detected in the theater, to art events and exhibitions and different kinds of activities related to creating art and thought. The bijoux de kant founded in December 2010 and consists of art and director Yannis Scourletis, musician Kostas Dalakoura, art historian Alexis Papazacharia, sociologist Mars Whitey, the author Sourgiadaki Irene and Constantine Scourletis (ASFA).H website bijoux de kant follow consistently the ideas that led to the creation, not formatted as a closed private space but as a crossroads where we find the different social media sites that are open to constant negotiation and operation is based on two-way communication, Sorting is a principle of bijoux de kant.

Wrote about the show

THE DAILY – KATHIMERINI, Spyros Payatakes:

“With an unrecognizable and incredibly seasoned interpretive Stratos Tzortzoglou”, the show has Greekness of Tsarouhis and modernity by the leading directors. And neither has pitted genre painting. For me it was a revelation. I will venture even to say that was the most fundamentally modern, stylish, progressive work within this season. A play station, which should see if you think our theater can and stepped forward.

ATHENS VOICE, Dimitris Mastrogiannitis:

John Scourletis created an excellent performance-to me the most interesting I’ve seen this season-a model for how a genre, raised modern way without betraying ethos era and text. Be glad and have great partners: the “dirty” pop songs of Kostas Dalakoura and three important interpretations. We should note two names: Lena Drosaki and July Tziatas. Kowtow dedication in directorial vision, talent and beauty. “But big surprise for me was Stratos Tzortzoglou. I think Stratos gives interpretation of life”.

LIFO, Christos Paridis:

One of the most interesting performances this winter has title. You aim and around you dancing sheepdogs. “A monologue by George Ioannou, that restores the talented actor Stratos Tzortzoglou in the straight path.”


“The actor Stratos Tzortzoglou who started playing Loula Anagnostakis at the “Basement” Karolos Koun’s theatre of Art to come a long, controversial path and swallowed up the star sistem returns with a shocking text interpretation of George Ioannou. Exposes and parodies himself or herself.”


Experience aesthetics. The narrative to unfold as a series of tableaux vivants of a dusty TSAROUCHI world, in a symbolic coop-scene, where writhing soul from pain and undeliverable desires among a chair, a bed and below ground. True. The feeling after a while the nostrils, taste, and do more of the actors being beaten and dragged from memory like wounds lives. The mesh protects little. The views anguish can never be sterile. The two worlds come together. “With Stratos Tzortzoglou perhaps the role of his life, to be welcomed and that from the first moment there, inseparable part of the same universe, who will narrate heartbreakingly”, with the very good July Tziatas and Lena Drosaki, trapping the Novotel decadent revelation the viewer.

VIMAGAZINO, George Nastos:

A crack in the universe Thessalonians George Ioannou opens Bijoux de kant .” The kinked Stratos Tzortzoglou, a parendytikos Joker surprises with its directness”. The beautiful Lena Drosaki: great voice, great articulation, setting displacement – you can not take your eyes off her.

ATHINORAMA, Iliana Dimadi:

A strange picture grabs the eye.“The main character is interpreted imperiously from  Stratos Tzortzoglou unrecognizable and riveting. A performance art inspiration for the few. This, however few they may be shaken”.


“Stratos Tzortzoglou in the show You are purpose and sheepdogs dancing around you. The actor, who started playing Loula Anagnostakis “the sound of a gun” in Karolos Koun’s Art Theater, returns with a shocking text interpretation of George Ioannou. Exposes and parodies himself. For Stratos Tzortzglou closes a cycle route, from Art Theater and “the sound of the gun” comes a second time winner in Cacoyannis Foundation. In a remarkable performance meets the poetry of George Ioannou surprising with his interpretation. Like you wore the costume of the actor. Very early was fortunate to be next to Karolos Koun, Jules Dassin, Michael Cacoyannis, Minos Volanakis, Theo Angelopoulos, Pantelis Voulgaris. After, the storm blew television. And now parodies seriously himself, trying courageous self-criticism.”

ONLYTHEATER, George Chronas:

GEORGE CHRONAS saw the ” You are purpose and sheepdogs dancing around you” and will go see it again.
Go to admire the spirit of the Greek author George Ioannou. “Stratos Tzortzoglou from Piraeus, in the best part of his life, amidst the dirt and dust, speaks with clothes allude to nothing”. Pythia before him, becomes his friend. The relationship with his mother. Nightmares passes in front of him. He screams. Looks like Euripide’s hero, though the truth is Aeschylu’s. The fog – the death inside and outside their wraps. The fog – the death of  Thessaloniki, the home of author, George Ioannou, who chop with the knife to walk, to talk.
I’m going to see the performance again. Live theater, Living Theater, as the great artist of the theater Julian Beck.





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