3 Way Week

3 WAY WEEK (2014) by Bruno Coppola

A Balkan revenge thriller by Coppola – Vonnegut – Mutu

THREE WAY WEEK – synopsis
What happens when a woman who has been trafficked returns… and wants revenge?
A dark psychological thriller set in the impenetrable Balkan underworld. Easy-going Greek playboy ED ditches his wife, mistress, and job, and arrives in Bucharest looking for his lover LUMI, a glamorous, spoilt girl. She’s moved on… but he won’t take no for an answer. Spotting Lumi at a party, Ed ties her up and, in a flash of drunken inspiration, kidnaps her. With the help of his cleaning lady IRINA, he takes Lumi to the countryside, bursting with unrequited love and simmering resentment.
But Irina is not really a cleaning lady – she is a trafficked woman who, after many years of degradation, has returned for revenge.    And Lumi is actually the daughter of Romania’s biggest pimp NIKA – the same pimp who sold Irina into a life of prostitution overseas. Concealingherplan,IrinaseducesEd,andmanipulateshisangeragainstLumi. Asadistic three-way affair ensues.   Alternately torturing and pampering her, Ed gradually breaks Lumi down, and Irina forces Lumi into whoring for the villagers.
Irina’s revenge is satisfying, but she didn’t expect one thing – that the torment would drive Ed and Lumi together. Irina becomes intensely jealous and escalates her punishment plan. Nika, increasingly desperate for Lumi’s return, sends out armed men. Ed, Irina and Lumi stay one step ahead of the bullets, but when the thugs finally track them down, they find that Lumi has become brainwashed, Stockholm syndrome-style, and is now the most vengeful force of all.

Film THREE WAY WEEK setworks
Coproduction: “Approaching Fish Ltd” (London), Libra Film ( Bucharest), Inkas Film ( Athens ), Revolver srl – TV Co. srl (Roma), director: Bruno Coppola (New York), Dir. Photography: Oleg Mutu ( Chisinau-Bucuresti), Locations: Bucharest, Maramures, Gargano, Puglia June 22nd – July 9th (Manfredonia, Monte S.Angelo, Peschici, Rodi, Vico, San Menaio, Vignanotica), Thessaloniki, Istambul.

With subisidies from Apulia Film Commission and British Film Institute.

Main actors: Stratos Tzortzoglou B, Kristina Krepela, Raluca Aprodu, Liudimila Gheorghiu, Vlad Ivanov


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