« I love you but…»

A hilarious NEW Greek COMEDY!

Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater NY


22-51 29th street, ASTORIA NY 11105

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PREMIERE: Sunday MAY 7th, at 5 pm

 Can two blondes female “hairs”… lead a couple to divorce? Can a simple real estate land exchange “break” the relationship of the best man/maid of honor in a couple’s relationship? Is there love after marriage? Can relationships survive these times of economic crisis?  Or can love conquer all? We ask you and you will answer…

The already successful play of George Valaris, “S’ Agapaw, but…”, played with tremendous success for SIX full seasons starring the then popular actors Alexander Stavrou, Marianna Toumassatou, Alexandra Palaiologou and Iosif Marinakis, Dimitra Matsouka, Maria and Tony Dimitriou, having won the audiences and critics love in Athens, Thessaloniki, Canada, Australia, Africa and Cyprus, now also coming to conquer America to spread joy to the Greek American community only for limited performances with an amazing cast: the very popular and well known actor Stratos Tzortzoglou, the new upcoming actor Aimilios Rafti, known by its performance in the successful Greek TV series on Ant1 “Dydima Fegaria” and the talented actresses Flabia Sgkoifo, Nadine Xintara , and Basilica Bliachas!

‘ S’agapaw, but … “, is a hilarious, timely, interactive “couples-comedy” with the subject matter of marriage, divorce and over all the relationships of couples dictated by today’s neo Greek reality, with the emphasis on all human emotions, interactions with twists and turns!

A few words about the play:

Fotis (Stratos Tzortzoglou) he is a policeman chasing cybercrime. A popular kid, married to Kiki. They both grew up in the same neighborhood  call Menidi. Got married to Kiki when he was promoted through “connections”, in other words a true Greek!

Kiki (Flabia Sgkoifo/Nadine Xintara), she is a sales lady at Hondos Center, who married very young Fotis, who happens to be considerably older and they have been trying to have a child for many years, but have been unsuccessful. She is pathologically jealous and makes his life miserable.

Nina (Basilica Bliachas), she is Fotis and Kikis “koumbara”. They grew up in the same neighborhood in adjoining houses in Menidi, after she came from the U.S-Astoria along with her family. She studied and after she finished her studies she took a job at the American Embassy and  married Mano enjoying together high society life.

Manos (Emilios Raftis), he is Fotis and Kikis “koumbaros” and childhood friend. Since Manos became a lawyer and married Nina, he considers everybody inferior, but he can always use the favors of a policeman, who takes care of all his vehicle violations.

Times and Price

PREMIERE: Sunday MAY 7th at 5 pm


FRIDAYS MAY 12, 19, 26 at 8pm

SATURDAYS MAY 13, 20, 27 at 5 pm and 8pm

SUNDAYS MAY 21, 28 at 5pm

General Admission:  $35


DURATION : 110 min with intermission



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