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NEW YORK TIMES, St. Holden: “Orestes whom Stratos Tzortzoglou imbues with a winning sweetness” works for an itinerant theater company that has been traveling around Greece. “Landscape in the Mist” has already won many honors, and was the Greek entry for best foreign film in the Academy Awards last year. A 126-minute work of exceptional beauty.

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F-Stratos Jewelery

Jewelery dedicated to women’s beauty F-Stratos is a Jewellery Collection inspired by the Greek Actor Stratos Tzortzoglou and brought to life by the Prismart creative team. The Collection is based on the Orphic texts, a collection of short religious poems composed in the late Hellenistic era. They are based on the beliefs of Orphism, which claimed descent from the teachings of the mythical hero Orpheus. The Collection consists of 13 thematic based designs. The Designs: Moon Venus. The Mourning Star Victory Dionysus Persephone’s Tear Graces (Kharites) The Arrows of Artemis Athena’s Shield Engagement of Hera and Zeus Dimitra’s Loved Ones

Master Acting Class with Stratos Tzortzoglou

Master Acting Class with Stratos Tzortzoglou

A 20-week acting intensive that will introduce you to the art and craft of acting for the stage and screen

SHOUT “Report to my son”

THE SHOUT a musical (oratorio) performance based on Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Saviors of God / Askitiki – Report to Greco

Miss Misery

Miss Misery an “open structure” play, in 9 scenes (October 2014) at The Greek Art Theater – Karol’s Koun, Athens, Greece


(May 2014) writer: – role: Pope, directed by                                                           at The French Institute of Greece – Forerunner of the theatre of the absurd, a prominent and controversial novelist, blasphemous and poetic, ingenious and provocative, teetering daringly on the brink, but always in harmony with his own truth and theory of life, Jean Genet wrote the play “Elle” in 1955. The work, which discusses matters of power and personal identity, was neither published nor staged while the writer was alive and many believe it to be the precursor to his other provocative play “Le Balcon” which was presented two years later. “Elle” is a harsh, lyrical work, somber yet ridiculous, based on the mechanism of power and its enticing snares. A work about ‘self’, the image and their sad in between. The play is about a photographer, the Pope, his “Holiness”, the eternal muse, she which Genet loved to hate more than any other. This is why he uses quotations: it is not Her, but “Her”, her sanctity and holiness closed up, boarded in and protected. “Elle” by Jean Genet Translation to Greek: Asimenia Euthimiou Direction: Yiannis Skourletis/ Bijoux de kant Performing: Stratos Tzortzoglou, Polydoros Vogiatzis, Orestes Karydas Photographs for the program: Orfeas Emirzas, Thomas Arsenis Video: plays2place productions...

You are purpose and sheepdogs dancing around you

” The stabbed await justice. The listemenoi and butchered expect justice, but this is slow to appear. The listemenoi, butchered and diasyrmenoi waiting for the storm of tears that would wash away the blood, but instead this spring titter from everywhere. ‘s listemenoi, butchered, and betrayed diasyrmenoi wait at least us not forget them and not laugh with the common enemy, but we grovel in the same beds with our persecutors, agreeing with them in practice. The stabbed helplessly waiting for justice . “

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